Secondhand Shopping + FW17 Photo Shoot

I’m a big proponenet of secondhand shopping. Not only can you getting quality items for bargain prices, but it is also environmentally friendly by recycling clothing and saving them from the landfill.

Though I love thrift shopping locally, I love the convenience of shopping online at home which is where Thredup comes in. If you’ve never heard of them, they’re an online company that helps people buy and sell gently used, quality secondhand clothing, from the comfort of your own home. I’m an advocate of a minimalist lifestyle and I need time to make decision about what exactly I would like buy. I don’t want to feel rushed or buy impulsively.

I’ve ordered from this company 3 times now and I haven’t been disappointed since. For this order, I was looking for a few clothing items that would work for our past Fall/Winter collection photo shoot and I was super happy with what I found.

Here’s the pieces in action via shots from our F/W17 Collection:


(Monstera necklace)

Had to have this polkadot chambray button up top in this dark indigo blue color, it’s the perfect Madewell top and it felt very on trend for fall.


(Modern wreath) (Tassel earrings)

Then there’s the red striped Madewell sweater, which is just super French chic cute, but also gave a nod to the holidays.


(Rainbow earrings) (Pyrite necklace) (Gather sign)

Finally, a thick knit cream sweater from Gap Designed and Crafted, which is perfect for the season and also adds to the texture and coziness that the Fall/Winter 17 Rare Bird collection was all about.

Throw in a obligatory mustard sweater which I already own (I may have one too many mustard tops - it’s kinda my favorite non neutral color to wear) and something white, perhaps a button down, or the ubiquitous black and white striped top and we were good to go!

xo, Pauline/Rare Bird Designs