Rebranding Under My Own Name As Pauline Stanley Studio

Business Design

I’m now happy to announce the official name change to my business from Rare Bird Designs to Pauline Stanley Studio! To be honest, it’s hard to part with a brand name that you’ve used for the last 8 years, but the more I started the transition to working under my own name, the more right it felt. I made this change for several reasons:

  1. I hope to work more freely on what inspires me and worry less about having to be “on brand”.

  2. I am interested in working on more licensing, service based design projects and teaching, and I’ve decided that it’d be easier to keep everything under the umbrella of my name, especially for marketing purposes. 

  3. My work is becoming more art focused and personal and I’d like to cultivate a more direct connection with others who interact with my work (customers/clients/retail shops/etc.).

It’s funny, when I started this business, I prided myself on being more of a business person than artist/designer, but I’ve recently started feeling more comfortable in this artist/designer role that I’ve come to embrace. I’m enjoying this new transition and just trying to go with the flow and see where it leads. Hope you’ll flow along with me too!!

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