Rebranding Process: Changing My Focus From Brand To Artist

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I’m happy to announce a little change to my business/career today. Today I changed the name on my Instagram account from my business name to my own name. I also debuted this new personal art/design website as well.

Rare Bird Designs will continue to run as a it’s own business with it’s own website for now and I may create separate IG account for it in the future or I may just change the name down the road, but for now it makes most sense to keep it all under the umbrella of my own name as the artist on IG.

Since the start of this year, I’ve been sort of wrestling with how I should be presenting myself and my work online. Lately, I’ve been very interested in exploring different types of art and I’m also interested in sharing my discoveries. I didn’t know if it always made sense to be going in all these different directions when I was representing Rare Bird Designs as a brand. What I’ve come to realize is that I am more than just my brand and business, I am an artist and it’s my job to follow my creative curiosity. My main goal going forward is to have the freedom to explore as more of a designer/artist and less as just a business/brand.

I hope to use this space as sort of a catch all for all of my creative interest and pursuits. You can learn more about me, shop my products, view my past work and also read my blog for insights and musings. I’m excited to continue sharing with you in a more personal way and thanks as always for following along!

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