Photo Shoot Prep: Thrift Shopping & Plants


We’ll be shooting our Fall/Winter '17 collection this month so we’ve been out and about collecting props and accessories for our shoot.

We went to our 2 favorite thrift stores located in the southside of Richmond, VA. We can usually count on these spots to find some vintage treasures. Before starting Rare Bird Designs, I was a vintage seller and spent a lot of time frequenting all the city's thrift shops. I don’t have as much time nowadays, but it’s fun going back to all my old haunts every now and then.

What to look for when thrift shopping:


This art wall was pretty amazing. Always look for art in thrift store, you can find the most interesting pieces.

FURNITURE: There are some great mid century, retro pieces out there. You may have to do some repairing or refinishing, but it's worth it for the right piece. Or you just live with them and call them broken-in or aged. ;)

DISHWARE: I have a soft spot for vintage dishware. I always look for quirky mugs, thick glasses, and artisan made wooden things.

CONTAINERS & VESSELS: Brass and silver metals and glass pieces for days. These knick knack type items are usually in abundant supply at thrift stores and you can almost always find something unique if you are willing to dig. Baskets are also ubiquitous, which is great, you just gotta keep eye for just the right styles.

And finally, here are a few of our own thrifted finds from our treasure hunting, all for under $30. Definitely feeling the earthy, rustic, vintage vibe with these guys. The perfect accessories to give balance to Rare Bird's more minimalist design aesthetic.

A note about second hand shopping:

I think there’s something really special about shopping second hand. My second hand possesions feel so different than my store bought finds. Not only is there a previous history that goes along with them, but there’s also that new history that you bring to it as well. There’s the experience of rummaging and finding these items on your own. There’s just something so cool about finding and owning this piece of history that only you have.

Then there’s also the whole, where you spend you money lends to what you support. Instead of supporting the questionable manufacturing practices that goes along with mass produced items, you are instead supporting the recycling an item, giving it a new life and purpose and saving it from the landfill. When you buy handmade or through small business, you are supporting an artist and ethical business practices. I know we can’t be perfect with all our purchases, but being more thoughtful about your buying behavior always helps.


We also needed some new plants for our photo shoot, so we went to The Great Big Greenhousefor some lush green beauties. A few pops of foliage here and there can really add some life to photos.

Special thanks to my girl Jenn with Nature Composedfor hooking a sister up with some plants and giving me access to her collection as well.

Plant friends!

Things are coming along, can't wait to put some of these things together for our upcoming shoot.