Handmade Business: Etsy to Ecommerce Website

We did it! The website is complete and live!

I am so happy to annouce the arrival our our new stand alone e-commerce website. After 4 years on Etsy, more than 4,000 orders and numerous wholesale orders, we have finally decided it was time to get our own site.  We'll still be selling on Etsy, they've been so good to us and we've gotten so many fans and followers there, that I still really value it as a great business tool.

I started my handmade business, Rare Bird, on Etsy in 2011. I had been running a vintage shop on Ebay & Etsy, but really wanted the opportunity to use my own creativity to express my own design perspective. I had always been interested in sewing and was taking some textile arts classes, so I decided to start there.

Screen shot 2015-08-04 at 11.05.12 AM

After getting some recognition on social media and Etsy, my shop got very busy very fast. I was also taking some jewelry making classes and decided to start selling some of my jewelry designs too. People were very receptive to my jewelry designs, so I decided to focus more on those. I also learned that I liked the jewelry making process. Developing new designs is so much fun and then the everyday production can be so meditative and relaxing. This felt right and thankfully people felt the same. Here we are, 4,659 Etsy orders later and I've reached the point where I'm ready to have more ownership of my shop and business.

I went into it thinking I would hire someone to create my website, but in my classic DIY fashion, I decided I could go at it alone. Working with Wordpress, Woocommerce and their numerous plugins, this semi-tech savy gal built this cool little space. I'm really happy with the result and proud to call it my own.

We welcome you to check out our Etsy shop! We were camped out there so long and it's been such a crucial part of our business. See our sales, reviews, and get an all around idea of where we started and where we've been.

So excited to be here on this new platform and can't wait to get acquainted with this new chapter in our business.