Creative Experiments: Compositions With Cut Paper Collage

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I’ve been tossing around some new product ideas for a new collection lately. I created these totem shape jewelry pieces last year for Rare Bird and they’ve been a big hit with our customers.


I’ve been interested in seeing how they translate into other products, like wall hangings and prints. I had an idea of the composition I would like to go with on a couple pieces, but hadn’t mustered up enough motivation to bring them to life yet. My kids were painting with watercolor the other day and I was so inspired by this brown painting that my son did. I’m a texture fanatic and this had some great variation. I’ve also been so inspired lately by collage work I’ve been seeing lately. So I had an idea that I would cut this guy up and see what I could come up with based off my totem shapes ideas (with my son’s permission of course).

 Like I said earlier, I already had an idea of composition and I had already basically created the shapes in Adobe Illustrator for our jewelry pieces. I just tweaked them a little and then printed them out, they would serve as the patterns to cut out shapes from my sons painting.

I had a lot of fun with this. It was interesting to see my planned designs come to life in a more real way. I had been thinking of using wood pieces for the wall hanging and so this worked well as sort of a preliminary mockup.

It was also interesting to play with these shapes in a more improvisational way to see what I came up with. I love these unexpected mobile/balance inspired compositions. Definitely got the creative juices flowing and gave me some ideas to think on.

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